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This is the perfect idea for your next party. Offer something different from the ordinary beer and wine that most people serve at parties. Rent a frozen drink machine from Paradise Ice Rentals. We bring everything you need:

  • First batch of drink mix included in rental (1 free mix for each maching rented). Additional batches available at $20 per batch.

  • Includes set up, pick up and cleaning of equiptment. First 15 miles included in set up, quote will be provided for additional mileage.

  • Over 40 different flavors, including smoothies.

  • We can provide cups and straws at an additional cost.

  • Discount for renting multiple machines for your event.

  • And best of all, NO ICE!


Reserve your machine today, then tell us the flavors you want to serve at your party. We’ll deliver the machine and set it up at least 1 hour before your party starts. Your first batch will be ready in 30 minutes or less, and there is no refreezing time with any additional batches you make. We will leave instructions (a very simple process) on making any additional batches of mix. When the party is over, just turn off the machine and we will do the rest.

Here’s what you need to supply when we show up:

  • Electricity– a dedicated 110 volt 20 amp outlet. We'll place the machine as close to the outlet as possible (we will supply extensions cords if needed). Machines are bolted to carts so there is no need for counter space

  • Alcohol, if desired. If you let us know in advance, we'll provide a shopping list for recommended types and amounts.

    • For margaritas: tequila; triple sec is optional- it makes the margaritas a little sweeter

    • For daiquiris and other drinks: rum

  • Water (the kitchen sink works just fine). To speed up the freezing process, we recommend putting 3 gallons of water in the refrigerator and having it ice cold (not frozen) prior to our arrival. Also, if alcohol is going to be used, put that in the freezer. While these steps aren't absolutely necessary, the colder the water and alcohol, the quicker the freezing time and the sooner the party starts!

  • One or two people responsible to handle the machine operation (making sure machine has enough mix, etc.)

  • After we leave, refill the plastic mixing jugs that we will leave for your use and put back in the fridge for round two.

The possibilities are endless. Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Holidays, Cinco de Mayo, Super Bowl Parties, Graduation Parties, Kentucky Derby Parties, Pool Parties, Block Parties, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Church Festivals…you are only limited by your imagination!

Call 859-663-6000 to reserve your frozen drink machines. On holidays, reserve early as machines go fast!​

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