Frequently Asked Questions

Frozen Drink Machines

Q: How much ice does the machine take?
A: NONE. It freezes its own product (the mix is combined with water) in 30 minutes or less.

Q: How much mix will I need?
A: Usually about every 20 people at your party will go through a batch of mix. This is a pretty consistent rule of thumb to use.

Q: How much mix do you bring?
A: We bring more than you will need and you only pay for what you use. We charge you for the machine rental and the additional mix you use when we pick up the machine.

Q: How do I mix each batch?
A: We will mix the first batch for you and give you instructions on making any additional batches. It is very easy. We are on call 24 hours in case you have questions.

Q: How do I clean the machine?
A: YOU don’t! WE do! When the party is over, just turn off the machine and leave it alone. We will pick it up and clean it the next day. It’s all included in the rental price.

Q: How long can I keep the machine?
A: We will drop off the machine the day of your party and pick it up either the night of the party or the next day. If you want the machine longer, let us know when you make a reservation and we will quote you an extended rental rate.

Q: How much alcohol do I need?
A: We recommend 1.00-1.50 liters of alcohol (tequila or rum) for each batch of mix. This should be added to the mix and water when making each batch.

Chocolate Fountains

Q: How much chocolate does it take to operate the fountain?
A: The 19” fountain: it takes a minimum of 4 pounds of chocolate to get it started. The basin holds a maximum of about 6 pounds.
27” Fountain: It takes a minimum of 7 pounds to operate this fountain and the
basin holds up to 11 pounds of chocolate.
34” Fountain: It takes a minimum of 12 pounds to operate and holds a maximum of 20 pounds of chocolate.

Q: Should I avoid any dipping items?
A: YES! It is recommended you avoid crumbly items such as pound cake or angel food cake. Crumbs will get into the chocolate creating gaps in the chocolate curtain and it may clog up the fountain itself.

Q: What should I do if there is not a full curtain of chocolate?
A: This is usually due to one of two things. Either you are low on the minimum amount of chocolate to operate the fountain (see minimums above) or an air bubble has gotten into the auger (the device that takes the chocolate to the top of the fountain). If you do not have enough chocolate, add enough melted chocolate for the fountain to curtain properly. If you think you may have an air bubble in the auger, turn the fountain off for about 10-15 seconds then turn the fountain back on. This should eliminate an air bubble problem. If neither of these solves the problem, check to make sure the fountain is level.

Q: What are the best methods to melt the chocolate?
A: There are 3 recommended methods you can use. You can melt chocolate in the fountain itself. If you use this method, it may take up to 50 minutes to completely melt. You can also melt the chocolate in either a double boiler or in the microwave (make sure you melt it on half power in the microwave). Remember to stir frequently during the melting process.

Q: Can I use a chocolate fountain outdoors?
A: There are two things to consider before going with this option. First, consider the temperature. Keeping the chocolate warm is critical to a smooth fountain operation. Cooler temperatures will not allow this to happen. Second, flying insects will be drawn to the chocolates’ aroma. This is definitely not an appealing thought. So, generally speaking, operating a fountain outside is not the best idea.

Q: What do I do with the leftover chocolate after my event?
A: We will leave you the tubs that the chocolate came in, so after your event, turn the fountain off, and with a plastic cup or ladle, dip out the unused chocolate into these tubs and take home and put them in your refrigerator. You can heat it up as needed for your own chocolate cravings at home!